If you want to know anything, search engines and get actual results. You search google, yahoo,bing etc and get the result.It’s working 2 steps like Off-page SEO and On-page. Every website is based on a search engine. If you have off page SEO ok then get 489K to 560k per month. Flow now my technique. I hope to increase your blog or website.

Smart SEO Monthly Traffic

We are doing a lot of things like Social Network,Blogging,Forum Posting, Article Submission,Press Release,Review,Events Submission, Video Promosition, PDF, Online Answer Post and Directory Submission etc.


How to Use Our Off-Page?

Firstly, I’m talking about Off-Page SEO. You find the main keywords like , for example, “Introduction to Types of Arduino Basics”.

You find a website, educba.com , it’s first show first link. Then goto on the website and recourse.Firstly, Where create profile link build because it’s profile backlink is important things. 

How can I recurse profile backlink?  It’s very easy to find the profile backlink. Our target website search to google and other your favourite search engine.

You think a lot of profile backlink gets listed on a website. You are wrong, you get profile backlink but can’t find profile backlink website collect neck related. Neck related backlink your website will boost its effect method .


Your website is agency related. You can go to those websites and make the backlink.

Note: First find your neck related website / then search the website / and create the backlink. 

Social Network:

Social networks connect to the audience and promote the website.  Social networks make for a good bond and make a good relationship between the audience. Social media gets profile backlinks. It is good for the website. You search the website and show some social media links like twitter,linkedin,pinterest,facebook page etc.

Forum Posting:

Forum posting is a sharing knowledge platform . I hope you have a lot of knowledge about a particular topic. You can suggest the product service. Forum posting can make a huge amount of traffic move to a website. You must have active the forum website.

Video Promotion: 

Right example on youtube is a video promotion platform. You have the content to show how it works and a campaign to promote the video. It works very well. High quality backlink backlink form video promotion website increasing day by day DA and PA. For example, Rutube, SchoolTube, Trilulilu, Tudou, Tune, Twitch, VBOX7, Veoh, Vimeo, Youku, YouNow, YouTube, are video sharing websites.

On-page SEO is called internal search engine optimization. On-page SEO is the best practice of the website and individual page and gets more traffic from the search engine.


Best technique of On-page SEO the website:

  • Write original content (nocopy content)
  • Research the Keyword
  • Title and ,image,Alt tag captions optimise
  • Fixed the time for the post
  • Set your permalink SEO
  • Focus on your bounce rate
  • Add outbound citation links
  • Use the mobile friendly responsive theme
  • Focus on loading speed 
  • Meta, Title optimise 
  • Focus keyword and  perfect the meta description

Write original content (nocopy):

Original content can make boats because according to google terms and conditions. The content duplicate ranking factor will be down. SEO has 2 parts like white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Black hat SEO is duplicate content publishing. It is a very bad technique in the SEO part.

Your content will be fresh, simple and eye-catching. If any website published the content website ranking factor will be down and google banned the Adsense account.

If you try to duplicate content published google can’t approve the adsense account.

Research the Keyword:

Keyword research is an important part of SEO. It’s method of abundance has been increasing day by day. Without the research the keyword ignores will have a bad effect on the website. If you forget keyword research, you can’t desire good results. 

You have a blog website and you can post a blog like a “How to keyword researcharticle is your title. This website is one month old. We don’t want the first page to show our content because our website is DA and PA is very low. Basically, the website needs a low volume keyword. It ranks easily.

Title,image,Alt tag and Captions Optimise:

What is Alt Text? It’s a common question. Alt Text describes the image so that search engines can understand what it is. Title is described what is its content and caption what is image. 

We have already tried to explain that setting alt text for images plays a very important role for SEO and is a major contributing search engine ranking factor. A website that doesn’t have an alt text search engine can’t crawl the images.

Basically, alt text means that search engines do not have the ability to view an image and describe to the search engine what the viewer is looking for.

Fixed the Time for the Post:

According to google terms and conditions google to post a fixed time from the entrepreneur. It’s good looking for every search engine. This method is working right now.


Focus on Your Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate is the percentage of sessions which can perform down the particular page. Bounce rate law is written blew,


BOUNCES are the amount of people who get out from the website. It’s increasing impact for the website and going ahead ranking down. SESSION is total people going to that website.

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