Multiple Paragraph Writing System: Problem /Bad side : 

1. Traffic Jam  

2. Load-shedding  

3. Road Accident  

4. Flood  

5. Eve-teasing  

6. Food adulteration  

7. Dowry system  

8. Diaspora  

9. Impact on Facebook/Internet/Mobile  

10. Child Labour  

11. Water Pollution  

12. Environment Pollution  

13. CoronaVirus  

14. Dengue Fever  

15. Acid Rain  

16. Acid Throwing  

17. Earth-Quack  

18. Deforestation  

19. Unemployment problem In Bangladesh  

20. Population Problem In Bangladesh  21.Cyclone  

22. Syndr 

23. Smoking  

24. Cancer 

25. Copying In The Exam  

26. Illiteracy  

27. GreenHouse Effect  

28. Kidnap  

29. Hijack  

30. Terrorism  

Bangladesh is a small country. In spite of her being a small country, she has a vast population. So, she has to face many problems. Some problems are big, some problems are small. Some problems are preventable, some problems are unpreventable. But problems are problems. There are many problems in our country /all over the world such as load-shedding, traffic jams, road accidents, etc.(*) is one of them. It is increasing day by day. It is going to be out of control now. It creates other problems too. Every day, the dailies publish news on it. Everyone knows it is a serious problem but none come forward to solve it. The illegal persons create it for their own interest. The unconscious people are also responsible for it. As a result, We face many difficulties. The general people, students, patients, housewives are the main sufferers of it. If it is going

Continually, we will be unable to solve it. Although it is a serious problem,  it is not out of solution.If we want to keep pace with the present world, we have to solve it. But it is not an easy task. We know that nothing is done Overnight. First, we have to find out the root of the problem. Then we should create public awareness. We should help our government to solve it. By calling the conference of the common people, we can keep a vital role to solve it. We have to solve it for our Own shake. Let us stop it.

Fair Related paragraph : 

1. Book Fair  

2. Trade Fair  

3. Village Fair 

4. Mobile Fair  

5. Car Fair  

6. Baishakhi Mela  

  7. Book Fair  

Every year a fair is held in our country on different occasions. There are many kinds of fairs such as book fairs, trade fairs, car fairs, etc.(*)is one of them. It has been many years since we traditionally observed fair. (*) is very popular in our country. Many people come to the fair with a view to visiting the fair. The stalls are nicely decorated at the fair. There are many types of people such as students, teachers, children, women writers, readers, politicians who come here in order to visit or buy their needed goods from the fair. The fair is part of our culture. It is a noisy place. At noon, it becomes a very busy place. Friends and families come here to enjoy themselves. 

Many cultural programs are held at the fair. Many people buy a lottery ticket from the fair to justify their luck. Bike racing is a popular attraction of the fair.( *) is an open place for all classes of people. Every year our college/school /district/ Bangla academy (book fair) organizes the fair.

Educational :

  1. Tree Plantation  
  2. Aim In Life 
  3. Value of time  
  4. Character  
  5. School/College Library  
  6. School /College Magazine  
  7. Female Education  
  8. Importance Of Learning English  
  9. Importance Of Reading Newspaper  10.Early Rising  

    11. Education  

    12. Patriotism  

    13. Kindness  

    14. Honesty  

    15. Physical Exercise  

    16. Women’s Contribution  

    17. Student Life  

    18. Human Rights  

    19. Computer Education  

    20. Discipline  

    21. Tree plantation  

There are many important parts of our life such as education, female education, student life, etc. (Tree plantation ) is one of them. It is a part

and parcel of our life. We can not think about our education life/life without it. By receiving it, we can develop ourselves. But it is a matter of sorrow that some people of our society do not realize the Importance of (*). So, they can not keep a good comment to do it. On the other hand, educated and conscious people always think of it as a blessing. By doing /learning/reading (*) we can develop our skills. If we want to build up a good nation we have to confirm it. We have to do it for our own shake. 

By following some proper steps, We can ensure it. Firstly, We can make a goal. Secondly, we can create public awareness. Thirdly, the students can play an important role to set up (*). Finally, the guardians and teachers can give guidelines to do it. But the act of doing (*) is not an easy task. A student/ a female student may face many problems. If a 

 maybe determined, he/ she can succeed in his/her life. 


1.Wonder Of Modern Science  

2.News paper  

3.Mobile phone /Telephone  



6. Computer  

7.Internet /Facebook/E-mail  



10.Science And Technology  

We live in an age of Science. If we look, we can see the blessings of science around us. Science has discovered many things such as radio, television, computer, etc. (*) is one of them. But it was not invented overnight. It took a long time to invent it. After inventing this, our modern life has fully changed. It has made our life easy and comfortable. At present, we can not think about our modern life without it. (Country /scientist name) invented it. Now, it is found everywhere all over the world. It is a very useful thing. By using it, we can learn many things. It is a storehouse of knowledge. There are many kinds of (*) such as (example), etc. 

By using it, we can solve our problems / communicate with the whole world within a second. It has lessened our sufferings. It saves our valuable time. In a word, the usefulness of it, can not be described in a word. Besides having merits, it has demerits. Many people misuse it. Someone does evil works by dint of it. It has some bad effects. We should not become addicted to it. We should use it for our welfare.

Day Celebration : 

1. Pahela Baishakh  

2. International Mother Language Day  

3. Eid  

4. Victory Day  

5. Independence Day  

In a year, we celebrate many days such as (Pahela Boishakh), Eid, victory day, etc. (*) is one of is a very important day for us. It has a traditional significance. lt is a public is not only a national day but also an International day. The day is a gala/ memorable day.ln, our country the day is observed by all kinds of men. On the day, people get up very early in the morning. Then they take a bath. They wear new dresses. They forget sorrows and sufferings. The daily newspapers publish news on the day. Radio and television organize special programs on the occasion of (*). People go to the mosque/Eid ground / /shaheed minar/national memorial/ open field to observe the day/perform prayer. After doing this, they embrace each other. They offer flowers and sweets. Friends and families visit each other. Many special dishes are to be cooked on the occasion of the day. During the day, the roads become very busy. Everybody enjoys the day. Our national flag is hoisted on the top of the walls on the occasion of the day.l feel proud to celebrate the day.

Simple Profession: 

1. Farmer  

2. Street Hawker  

3. Street Beggar  

4. Teacher  

5. Rickshaw puller  

6. Day Labourer  

7. Village Doctor  

8. Tokai 

9. Railway Porter  

10. Cobbler  

We live in a society. There are many types of people living in our society such as doctors, teachers, hawkers, etc. (*) is one of them. He is a familiar figure in our country and society. His dress is very simple. He leads a very simple life in our society, people don’t like his profession. Everybody thinks of it as an ordinary occupation. This profession is hated by all. The work of a (*)starts in the morning. So, He has to get up very early in the morning. After finishing his prayer, he is to join his workplace. His work starts in the morning and ends till night. He knows well about his business.Students/ children and women/passer-by are his

earning source. His income is very poor. He can not support the family of his poor income. So, sometimes he earns from dishonest ways. Sometimes he takes bribes. (*) is generally an industrious person. He has to work hard to survive in life. He has to struggle in our society, he can not make a better life. He is neglected by all. we should give him honor. We should respect his profession. 

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