What is an Arduino?

Arduino is the brand name for its work on microcontrollers. It’s a brand, a piece of hardware board, using programming language, and an entire ecosystem of products. Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform and you can say little computer. How can we say it’s a little computer? Fundamentally, a computer has 4 types for example Input,CPU, Memory,Output. Similar way it has Input, Output, CPU, Memory. So it’s called a little computer microcontroller that meets all criteria. 

It is a product for invention, basically the student because they make a project. The arduino gets data from a sensor connected device. It refers to a specific type of board design, it can also be used to refer to a company that performs a specific function of these boards and to describe the community around compatible boards created by other individuals or organisations and is being refined day by day.


Top Some Different Types of Arduino

Right now in the marketplace there are some types of products. It’s very handy, comfortable and portable. You can bear any place easily. Different types of arduino for example, Arduino UNO Rev3,LilyPad Arduino Board,Arduino Mega,Arduino Leonardo,Arduino Red Board, Arduino Shields,Arduino Due,Arduino Red Board,Arduino Ethernet,Arduino Nano,Fastest Arduino Board,Arduino Pro Mic. You can make this type project like DIY Arduino Obstacle Avoiding Car.

Arduino Uno is very useful and a lot of people use this device. It has output pins including 6 pins PWM, 6 pins analog input, USB connection, reset button and used as a power jack. It has about 14 digital input pins. The Arduino UNO board can be connected to the computer system via the USB port via the USB port and can also receive power supply to the board from the computer system and through the adapter.

Arduino UNO Rv3 :

The Arduino is a mini computer, an open source platform used to create electronics projects. Arduino is a very nice and complex program consisting of both a physical programmable circuit board and a piece of software or IDE running on your computer, which is used to write and upload computer code to the physical board. It’s board is very popular from other boards. Uno is a comfortable and portable device. Arduino UNO using microcontroller is ATmega328P and its FLASH MEMORY 32 KB(ATmega328P) of which 0.5 KB is used by the bootloader. Digital input output pin remarkable is 14 of which 6 provide PWM output. 

LilyPad Arduino Board:

The LilyPad Arduino board has many types, for example, LilyPad Arduino Simple,LilyPad Arduino USB,LilyPad Arduino SimpleSnap,LilyPad USB Plus,LilyPad Arduino 328 Main Board. It’s rounded and the microcontroller is very lightweight. A lot of circuit boards use ATMega32U4 microcontrollers. Some boards have 9 pins and goodly use 14 pin LilyPad Arduino USB without using USB port on the other hand using FTDI programming integration.

Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3

It is an Arduino Mega 2560 made based on a microcontroller board. I’m surprise see the pins. It has approximately a lot of pin Input/Out like 54. It has pins of which 15 can be used as PWM output and 16 pins can use analog. It has a lot of connectors to connect other devices. They are connected by USB port input to the program from the computer. PC has installed IDE because it helps downloading programm. The Arduino Mega is a family of micro computers and it comes to us with varying facilities. It is easy to add an LCD display and other components. Any project making needs experienced beginners to practise their programming skills to make the LED blink. Arduino has a lot of libraries and builds a project with extensive free ardino all store interesting. 

Can the Arduino Uno code work on Mega, or any other Arduino versions?

Yes it works. You will should some things,

  • You can not pulse width modulation. Because it does not match, the PWM board is different. You should change the pins. 
  • It ‘s more sensitive so you will check before on the device. 
  • Almost all of the arduino boards use 16 MHz but other devices use 8 MHz.

Arduino Leonardo

Arduino Leonardo is also a microcontroller based on board the ATmega32u4. It uses operating voltage 5v and output voltage 7-12v. Arduino released many versions of Arduino UNO Rev3,LilyPad Arduino Board,Arduino Megab etc. It is handy or comfortable and portable. You can put it in your pants packet. It has 20 digital input and output 7 pin 12 pin analog using the board. Programming reading using a 16 MHz crystal oscillator. 

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