Requesting for leave after the second period.

Now, write a letter to your Headmaster/Headmistress

requesting for leave after the second period. 

Date … 


The Headmaster, 

Pilot High School, 

Daudkandi, Commilla.

Subject : A prayer for leave after the second period. 


Most respectfully I beg to state that I am a regular student of your school read in class nine. When I came to school, I was quite well. But now I am quite unable to stay in the class any longer as I have a bad headache and with it I feel small fever. So I need to leave school after the second period. 

May I, therefore, request you to grant me leave after the second period and oblige thereby. 

I beg to remain.

Changing your elective subject.

You want to change your elective subject. Now write an application to your Headmaster

Headmistress for changing your elective subject.

Date …… 


The Headmistress, 

Sabera Sobhan Govt. Girls High School, 


B. Baria.

Subject: Prayer for changing the elective subject. Madam.

With due respect, I beg to state that I am a student of class nine in an arts group. Earlier I chose economics as my elective subject. But now the subject seems very difficult for me to understand. So I wish to change economics for geography. 

So, I, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to allow me to change the subject and oblige thereby. 

I remain

Your obediently Asha Class-ix

Character certificate.

Date …… 


The Headmistress, 

Sabera Sobhan Govt. Girls High School, 

Subject : Prayer for a character certificate.


I beg most resp your school for

a job be

most respectfully to state that I had been a student of

school for five years. I passed the S. S. C. Examination in 009. I was placed in the first division. Now I want to look for ish because the burden of the family has fallen upon me. A od character certificate will go a long way to support my

So I need a character certificate from you. I would therefore, request the favour of your issuing me a character certificate referring to my character, academic records and other activities during the last five years I was in your school. I reamin, Sir, Your most obedient pupil, X

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