I will build a car that will run alone. Some components are needed to make the car. It’s components can’t be made. This tutorial is a basic and beginner tutorial for matching learning. An object sees the car or sensor then tops our device.And go back Our Ai car. Yes, our car name is Ai3 Car. It will be a modern car for our country. We see Tesla cars that can collect information from the environment and update every time in feature. Our plan is to automatically update and perform better day by day. Ultrasonic Sensor can input the date and it can help go ahead. The car is updated by an Ultrasonic Sensor and it connects to  the internet in future. When our car sees an object go back by the motore Ai3 Car. Arduino Uno has some programming lines to calculate and go to the next step. Let’s start our tutorial,

  1.  Arduino Uno
  2.  Driver Shield Wheels (4x)Motor 
  3. TT Gear Motor (4x)
  4. Servo Motor
  5. Ultrasonic Sensor
  6. 18650 Li-on Battery 
  7. 18650 Battery Holder
  8. Male and Female Jumper wire 
  9. Acrylic Sheet
  10. DC Power Switch
Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno: 

Every  car has a driver but our car does not have a driver because it is our car’s main feature .Come to the point we are using a device for a car driving controller named Arduino. Arduino Uno is a microprocessor based on ATmega328P. It controls the whole car by programming. It has 12 digit input and output ports, one of them 6 pin input and 6 pin output. Arudino has connected the computer to collect the data operating device. We connect the sensor motor and other components with our device. Operating Voltage is 5v, Input Voltage (recommended) is 7-12V , Input Voltage (limits) is 6-20V, For 3.3V pins DC current is 50 mA, EEPROM is 1 KB (ATmega328), SRAM is 2 KB (ATmega328), flash memory is 32 KB (ATmega328) including bootloader 0.5 KB, clock speed is 16 MHz. Operating Voltage is 5v because it runs the whole system.The voltage at which it can operate an electric device  or  system is voltage. Input Voltage limits are 6-20V and Dc current per I/O Pin is 40mA. 

Driver Shield Wheels (4x)Motor:

Right now, you will learn how to drive DC, stepper and servo motors using an Arduino L293D motor driver shield. It helps to run 4 motors by this Arduino Uno device. Dc motors is a common type because of its application in many sectors. For example, robots, cars etc. 

This motor has a lot of specification for example,

  • Supply voltage : 5V to 12 V, (Individual 1.2A  per channel using and temporary up to 3A)
  • Driver: 2 x TB6612 (unipolar stepper)
  • Maximum current per channel: 1.2 A (temporary up to 3 A)
  • 4 DC motors supported
  • 2 stepper motors supported
  • It has 2 servo connectors
  • Reset button and Prototype field
TT Gear Motor (4x):

TT Gear Motor (4x):

The TT gear motor is a fundamental part of the Self driving car project. This motor supports 3v to 6v and it can connect our Arduino Uno because its supply is temporarily up to 3A. 

TT Gear Motor Specification:

Robot Wheels Centre Hole: 5.3mm x 3.66mm 

Robot Wheels Diameter: 65mm 

Robot Wheels Thickness: 28mm 

Servo Motor:

Servo motors are a very important robotic element. This type of motor consists of a circuit and it performs a great procession. It works at a certain angle and distance. You can move any angle and any distance easily, it’s work.

The reference input signal is analogous to the reference output signal. The third signal is produced by the feedback system and it is quite popular that this third signal will act as an input signal to control the device.

Servo Motor Specifications:

Motor type : 3 Pole

Bearing Type: Dual Oilite

Speed (4.8V/6.0V) : 0.21 / 0.16 sec @ 60 deg.

Torque oz./in. (4.8V/6.0V):  46 / 57

Weight: 45g

High Performance Circuitry

Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor:

This sensor is using ultrasonic sound wav to calculate the distance. It is pretty good, for the project of Tesla cars. It shares information with a component which is named transducer. Able to create distinct echo patterns by reflecting high-frequency sound waves from the border.It works like a human eye, determining the way the eye moves forward. It have law, Distance = time * speed of sound divided 2. Ultrasonic sensor commonly used in the drone industry. Drone camera smooth and cinematic style perform reason ultrasonic sensor. 

18650-Li-on Battery:
18650 Li-on Battery:

18650 Li-on Battery:

This is a small but powerful charger that we can use in our cars. The two slots are independent of each other, you can open and connect the power whenever you want, it is able to automatically complete the charge.

Male and female jumper wires

Male and Female Jumper wire :

Male and female jumper wires connect to the device. It is really cool. Any connection does very nicely comfortable.

Male and Female Jumper wire is Specifications:

Standard 0.1″ (2.54mm)

Length: 200mm (7.87″)

Weight: 31g (1.1oz)

Wire Colours: black (each cable includes 4 of each colour)

Fits breadboard

Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheet:

It’s plastic martial transparent with flexible optical clarity. Acrylic sheet has a density of 1.2g/ cm3 and is light transparent 93%. It has elongation at Break which is 4%. 

Acrylic Sheet of specification:

Light: Transmittance: 93%

Density of Acrylic Sheet: 1.2g/cm3

Tensile Strength: 85/Mpa

Bending Strength: 98 (Mpa)

Elasticity: 3100/Mpa


DC Power Switch:

Dc power switch is important for on and off. It has many type for example one them TWTADE 10Pcs Rocker Switch.

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